What You Need To Know To Start With Solar Panels, Self-consumption

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It is clear that today solar self-consumption is a route that many users have already taken due to the high cost of electricity in our country.

It is a comfortable solution to get electricity in our home without being dependent on fluctuating electricity prices. But we are also talking about an energy that helps the planet push climate change with less force, because it is not polluting at all.

The problem is that many people do not know whether to choose this type of energy due to ignorance of all the means for its operation, government support and installing these solar panels.

That is why in this article we are going to try to make everything completely clear so that later everyone can decide what suits them best, because everything that happens in this type of panel has a lot to do with it. Things happen that must be known before making a decision. take a decision

When we speak of self-consumption we mean that we are capable of produce electrical energy that we will consume later in our house. In the case that concerns us today, this supply system is done through solar panels.

It is not surprising that this type of self-consumption energy is becoming more and more popular in Spain, since we are talking about a country with an average About 300 days of sunshine a yeara significant amount.

Obviously, it goes without saying that this is a completely green energy And it doesn’t make us dependent on non-renewable resources like coal or oil.

Roughly speaking, this type of energy means that we can Receive energy from the sun through solar panels that convert it into electrical energy,

output from direct current, which is converted into alternating current All this thanks to the solar inverter to supply electricity to our home.

There are several types of solar self-consumption, starting with the so-called individual.

This type of self-consumption is one that is devoted Self-sufficiency for one dwelling or for more than oneBecoming a shared personal type.

This means that solar power installations are shared by many people, making consumption individualized, because The energy required is generated for eachBut this is shared by the theme of solar panels.

Those that are entirely individual, that is, those dedicated to supplying electricity to a single home, are much more common.

We can divide this type of self-consumption into connected or disconnected to the network, in addition to being a system with or without surplus sent over the network.

when we talk Main Connected TypeThis means that there will be a connection to the solar panels, but also to the electrical grid for times when the panels cannot generate electricity.

that of offline type It is this that relies only on panels, which require energy storage batteries or electric generators to store electricity and thus be able to use it continuously.

When connected to the network, the excess electricity generated can be fed into the general electrical network and get compensation, If we do not have access to the network, there may be surplus store in battery,

The case of industrial self-consumption is the option chosen by the companies, whose Operation is similar to residentialPractically always opt for network connected systems as a security measure.

As always, the size of the installations in this case is huge, as the power consumption is also very high.

When we are going to install solar self-consumption system, they have to include a series of elements such as Solar Panel, Solar Inverter, Bracket & Cable,

Solar panels are usually monocrystallinebecause they are the ones that provide greater efficiency, although there are also polycrystalline or amorphous (These are almost obsolete).

For solar inverters, we can also divide them into several types, although the main ones are string inverterwhich may in turn single-phase or three-phase, Depending on the type of electrical installation in the house.

These inverters can work even if we are connected to the network and of different power, as you might have already imagined, so that they can be valid for all types of installations.

Although there have been governments that have put more effort into this than others, the truth is that in recent years everyone has decided that our country should take a more ecological route and bet on this type of energy.

To support solar self-consumption, there are different types of subsidies:

As we’ve already mentioned, you can get compensated if you have extra energy while connected to the network. That is, the energy that we have not spent will go to the electricity network and we will get compensation.

If you are thinking that it is better to set up a bigger system to generate more surplus, it is not a good idea, because Electricity companies compensate kWh as long as the invoice we have with them is 0 . does not reach, From there all the energy put in will be released.

Another thing we should keep in mind is the price they are going to pay us Paying for Extra Energy Isn’t the Same as Selling Price, Normally, it runs around 0.08 kWh.

This is a big question that many people ask themselves before installing solar panels in their home.

Let us make it clear that the data we are going to tell you now is just an estimate, that is, everything will depend on many factors, so the accuracy in this case is very complicated. But more or less it can serve as a guide to get a rough idea and see if we believe it is feasible or not.

According to known data in Spain, a . for An average investment of about 5,000 Euros is included with VAT Amortization will occur in these two cases:

With all the information that we have told you, you will already have the data you need to know if you are interested in installing solar panels in your home and thus switch to self-consumption.

Obviously this has huge benefits, but it’s up to each one to know if they can afford the cost and if the repayment time is long enough for your circumstances.

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